Ashley Hall Town Homes – 3 Bedroom and 4 Bedroom Luxury Professional Duplexed Town Homes

These units are premier luxury units that are way beyond most of what Tallahassee has to offer. The location is great for professional working people and close to hospitals, medical, legal and legislative buildings to make a commute to work not an issue. Close to all of the things that are great in Tallahassee with a central location and some seclusion in the midst of it all. Check out each of these units as they are as unique to each unit as they are beautiful and modern.

4 Bedroom Town Homes

1841 Ashley Hall Way1847 Ashley Hall Way1829 Ashley Hall Way1835 Ashley Hall Way

3 Bedroom Town Homes

1800 Ashley Hall Way1806 Ashley Hall Way1812 Ashley Hall Way1818 Ashley Hall Way1824 Ashley Hall Way 1830 Ashley Hall Way1836 Ashley Hall Way1817 Ashley Hall Way1823 Ashley Hall Way